Setup Instructions

  1. Place your AirTime Base on a flat surface (make sure the surface is not metallic). Connect the power cable to the base and plug it into an outlet.
  2. Place the cork disc on top of the AirTime Base.
  3. Insert your trading card into the clip. Make sure to center the card, so it floats / rotates perfectly before screwing both sides of the clip.
  4. Tighten both sides of the clip with the included screwdriver. When tightened sufficiently, the card should be standing up straight at a 90° angle. Place the clip in the center of the magnetic puck.
  5. Pick up the puck with two hands and hold it at a height of about 6 in / 15 cm above the center of the AirTime Base. 
  6. Slowly lower the puck and card with both hands directly over the center of the AirTime Base, keeping it level until you feel the magnetic force supporting the weight of your Hero on its own. Once you feel it floating by itself, gently let go of the magnet with both hands.
  7. Do not get discouraged! Doing this correctly will take a few attempts. Sometimes it will fall - this happens. If so, pick up the magnet and try again.
  8. NOTE: After too many failed attempts, a safety switch inside the unit will be triggered and it will require you to unplug the unit from your outlet and replug it back in after 30 seconds.
  9. Again, remember, it may take a few tries before you become an All-Star. Don’t give up!
  10. Once your Hero takes flight, you can remove the cork disc from the base. Click the power button on the back of the base to turn the LED lights on! 
  11. Give your hero a spin!

And some quick photo/video tips:

When shooting from iPhone, try turning the camera upside down so you can shoot low angle and show the levitation clearance!

Take the time to fully center the card on the clip & magnet so it spins perfectly in the center of gravity