AirTime 2.0 Attachment

Sale price$29.99


AirTime’s newest attachment, the 2.0 Slab Attachment converts your AirTime 1.0 into a 2.0 with all of the features including:

  • Expanded holder now fits graded cards up to 1.5cm in depth, including PSA, BGS, SGC, & 35 - 175pt cards and top-loaders. We are also now compatible with our friends at Slabstrong & GradedGuard 💪🏻
  • Improved rotation stability and ease of initial setup 🌎
  • Improved levitation clearance of up to 3cm🚀
  • Improved LED halo ring lighting with on / off switch 🌟
  • Protective felt layer to safeguard your heroes 🦺